Sekumpul Waterfall

Menjangan Holiday Tour Sekumpul Waterfall

If you’re looking for the biggest and best waterfall in Bali, this is probably it!

Sekumpul is a huge twin waterfall in Singaraja with two 260 foot tall falls pouring out of the jungle treetops.

This waterfall is no longer a hidden gem, but since it’s in far northern part of the island and pretty far from town, the crowds are still not too bad.

Selfie Park Buyan Lake

In the north of Bali is a hidden treasure that I estimate will soon become a tourist hotspot. The ‘selfie park’ or the Wisata Selfie Pucak at Danau Buyan Lake is the genius idea of the Balinese to capitalise on foreign travellers and their obsession with selfies.

Munduk Coffe Plantation

Munduk Organic Coffee Plantation was established by a Balinese and European team working in partnership to bring back high quality coffee to Bali’s central hills region, thereby generating good incomes for farmers, protecting the environmental supporting the local Community while making exceptional coffees.

from Rp. 800.000/car (Max. 4 persons)